Windows 7 login using AuthenTec AES2810 fingerprint scanner on HP notebooks

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Recently I wrote about installation of Windows 7 on HP Compaq 2230s. I had a few problems with device drivers which were resolved by downloading Vista drivers from HP site and installing them. My initial idea was to be able to use all devices on the notebook. I was specially interested in notebook fingerprint sensor and its capability to login to Windows account by using my fingerprint scanner.

The notebook has an OEM version of AuthenTec AES2810 fingerprint scanner. After installation of HP device driver fingerprint reader will be recognized and you will see fingerprint sensor1. Since Windows 7 got a new Biometric Framework it is only prudent that the framework will get its own configuration section in Drivers and Hardware section. But this is where ASE2810 fails. When looking at Start->Control panel->Hardware and Sound->Biometric Devices you can see the AES2810 device but Windows 7 tells you that it is unavailable. If you are interested how this can be solved then read on!

AuthenTec provides you with a BETA version of their software2 where you can enroll your biometric data. You can download the software from their web page:

Since my version of Windows 7 is 32bit I downloaded and installed 32bit version. Restarted the computer and checked if I can start TrueSuite 2.0. You should do the same. You probably can not, because although Windows 7 shows AS2810 device as found you can not use it since AuthenTec drivers installation is not working as it should. If by some miracle you are able to access and run TrueSuite then “Bravo to you”!

Then I started to check what went wrong and I found out that the only way to get the scanner working with this software is to do the following:

  1. Run C:\Program Files\AuthenTec, Inc\Authentec WBDI Driver Package\WIN7TS32.exe which uninstalls  the software
  2. Reboot the computer
  3. Install the WBDI Driver Package again by using installer from previous location C:\Program Files\AuthenTec, Inc\Authentec WBDI Driver Package\WIN7TS32.exe

Now I assume that this complication is due to BETA nature of AuthenTec drivers. I was able to get the fingerprint scanner working on the following HP notebooks:

  • HP Compaq 2230s (NN340ES) and
  • HP EliteBook 8530p (FU617AW).

I was able to access fingerprint enrollment in Start->Control Panel->Hardware and Sound under Biometric Devices section. By clicking on Biometric Devices you can see list and status of biometric devices that are detected by the system. At this point status changed to Manage your fingerprint data. By clicking on it you will run TrueSuite application and you can enroll or remove a fingerprint for specific account. With Remove your fingerprint data enrolled account fingerprint data will be completely removed.

In the login screen a fingerprint scanner is seen as a user account icon3. Once you have enrolled your finger, logoff and try logging in with your enrolled finger4. Swipe your finger and login.

A note of warning: after you decide which finger to enroll, be careful with whom you share this information. If you’re not too careful it could cost you a body part … … or at least a finger ;)

Update: Final version of Windows 7 AES2810 driver is available via Windows Update. If you are interested in what will be broken after installing it check this post.

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  1. in Windows Device Manager []
  2. management software called TrueSuite 2.0 []
  3. always seen when you use Switch to user []
  4. you may want to use Switch to if you have multiple accounts to switch to fingerprint icon []