Windows 7 driver update for AuthenTec AES2810 fingerprint scanner on HP notebooks

In my previous post I was describing a method how to enable and use the AuthenTec ASE2810 fingerprint scanner beta Windows 7 driver. There was some positive feedback and the method worked on some HP notebook devices. For some with different versions of fingerprint scanner the method did not work. Hopefully times have changed for all of us.

On the October 23, 2009 AuthenTec released information about update to Windows 7 driver infrastructure. About 2 weeks ago I noticed an optional update in Windows 7 update section. It read AuthenTec Inc. driver update for AuthenTec Inc. AES2810. I was pleased to finally get the final version of the driver.

Immediately checked it and started the 32Mb download procedure. Smooth download, smooth install. Went to Control Panel->Hardware and Sound->Biometric Devices and the  AES2810 was still available. I decided for clean setup so I removed my existing fingerprint data by clicking and confirming the Remove your fingerprint data dialog. Then I clicked on Manage your fingerprint data and waited for my password dialog. None appeared. Frustrated and angry about the stupid update I started to minimize the windows and was presently surprised by the TrueSuite login screen1. Typed and retyped in password of my account and voila I was ready to enroll my fingers.

Windows 7 Control panel Fingerprint biometrics showing detected AuthenTac AES2810 Windows 7 AuthenTec TrueSuite login screen Windows 7 TrueSuite management application

TrueSuite Application has changed a bit. Must say that it is simple and intuitive to use2. You have 2 options. Enroll finger by selecting a finger to enroll and repeating finger swipe 3 times and delete an enrolled finger. Additional nifty feature is available when you enroll a finger.  When TrueSuite application is run through manage your fingerprint data call you are presented by the password login screen. But now you can use your enrolled finger to authenticate your self. No more password typing.

I repeated the update on both HP notebooks that I own. So I can confirm that the driver works for HP EliteBook 8530p and HP Compaq 2230s. Bravo AuthenTec. Now if you could only release data which would help to create or create a Linux driver then I would be in heaven.

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  1. I don’t know if that was my impatience or the on top functionality of login screen is broken, but I was unable to repeat this feature []
  2. not that I was complaining about previous beta version []