Kazam Screencaster, is there anything new?

Short answer: there is. A bit longer answer will take a bit more explaining. One of the biggest changes is full support for GStreamer 1.0. Finally getting rid of old static binding for pygst for which I was told (by many people) that it doesn’t really work with Gtk3. Well, it does work, sort of, and it is quite a volatile combination. Regardless, GStreamer 1.0 will not be a hard-coded requirement. Kazam will now detect which version of GStreamer is installed and which audio/video encoders are available and will adjust itself accordingly.

On Ubuntu 12.10, which is a primary deployment platform for Kazam, GStreamer 1.0 will be installed by Ubuntu Software Center. The only issue with GStreamer is that adder plugin is broken and recording of two audio channels is not working. I am hoping for a quick resolution of this bug from the upstream.

I am happy to report that Keybinder-3 got into Ubuntu 12.10 and keyboard shortcuts will work without any additional external packages from various PPAs. All the credit here goes to @kenvandine who kindly did all the work for this to happen.

If the gods of time management have mercy on me, then Kazam Screencaster will also get a complete UI overhaul. Ideas that came up at UDS-Q design session and all the work that @mpt and @me4oslav. You can check all the mock-ups and wire-frames with some comments by m4cho. Note that not all the changes will get into 12.10. Unless I suddenly decide to quit my job. ;) Kazam Screencaster is becoming much more that it was. After some persuasion, by two previously mentioned guys, I yielded and decided to expand on what the scope of Kazam is.

I will be turning it into one-stop-recording-facility-with-ease-of-use-and-simplicity-as-a-primary-design-goal. Beside screen casting, Kazam will also offer screen capturing and sound capturing. Both are just a few more steps down the capturing road. Capturing of screens, windows and regions of screen will be available to users. As for the sound goes, Kazam will not be Audacity, but it will offer basic sound capturing functionality.

When the time is right I will start working on Kazam Screencaster Service. Fully functional capturing service with easy to use API that will allow further integration with Ubuntu and Unity.

¬†Update: Here’s the latest video of Kazam and new region selection window.