Internet Marketing And List Building: Use Who You Are


List building is definitely the foundation of successful Internet marketing. Do you know one of the best ways to be list building?

Writing and submitting articles.

Articles can create some interest for your website or your service because you have an air of expertise when you’re the author of several articles with great information in the online directories. You’ll have credibility in your niche, and people will trust you and become interested in you and your business. Just be sure that your article leaves people wanting more.

Do you watch television? Try the show “Lost” sometime. I don’t actually watch much TV, but I do watch “Lost” at . Watch the first show there, and just try not to watch the second. It won’t happen. The show is interesting and entertaining and it always leaves you wanting to know what’s going to happen next.

Every good TV show works that way. The best ones are good at keeping us in suspense, and isn’t that a lot like Internet marketing? We need to keep people guessing so that people are drawn to follow us. Create that feeling with your articles. Leave your audience with questions, and set up a whole bunch of list building pages, if you have to, and answer each question on a new page. You can do that.

You have to gauge whether you’re list building through your articles. Credibility, bonding with an audience, or branding doesn’t make much difference, if you aren’t getting hits to your list building page. That’s just not good Internet marketing. Articles need to bring traffic to your website and help you with list building. Does that make sense?

What if you’re Irish or German or whatever nationality? Why not tie your online business into that nationality? Create a connection to an audience. You might be a retired airline pilot, a nurse, whatever. Decide what’s special about yourself and the way you do things.

My name is Tellman Knudson and because I’m obviously Scandinavian, I get lots of Scandinavian people signing up for my list. It’s great! But I never marketed specifically to Scandinavian people, but what would happen if I did? I’d probably be very successful in that community. Use the things that are special about yourself, create some drama in your articles, and you’ll find yourself list building and becoming very successful with Internet marketing, to boot.