How To Use Business Directories In Internet Marketing?


Online business directories can deliver many benefits but first, it is important to understand the difference between business directories and general web directories. If you are new to internet marketing or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you would’ve heard many mentions of ‘Directory Submission’, it could be confusing which type of directory you are supposed to submit to unless you know their difference. Directory submission as far as search engine optimization is concerned almost always refer to submitting a website’s information and URL to a general web directory, which is a database of websites and website URLs. They are designed to help search engines discover websites.

Being listed in these general web directories help improve a website’s link popularity and search engine visibility. It is almost used exclusively for SEO purposes. Human users can also search the database and get search engine styled results – a list of websites that match their search keywords. However, for customers looking for particular types of business, products or services, web directory doesn’t offer much information so they are not really useful. On the other hand, business directories contain much more information and usually allow the customer to compare prices, products and ratings. Business directories is a different kind of online advertising, where they usually promote much more specific information about the business such as business summary, open hours, contact information and maybe even product photos, price lists, videos and customer reviews as well. They are designed to help customers find particular businesses, products and services. Customers can search businesses by name, location or business sector.

Their search results look more like what you’d get from a price comparison website or a shopping website with filters. If a business directory also provides links to a business’s own website then it will also deliver SEO benefit as well. For business owners, it is important to utilize general web directories to improve the link popularity and search engine ranking for their own websites. Having already invested significant amount of capital in their own website, it is worth investing a little bit more money in business directories that can further promote their information, the latest offers, products, services and news updates. This will significantly increase a business’s online presence and customer engagement. By making contact information and maybe even price lists available online, prospective customers can contact the business and place their orders directly so business directories can directly generate new revenue.